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Executive Chairman
Stefano Burchi
  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) positions
Since 1983: Legal Officer, then since 1992, Senior Legal Officer, then since 2007 Chief, Development Law Service, Legal Office, Rome, Italy. Retired on 31 December 2008.
  Previous appointments
1979-83: Economic Affairs Officer (water law), United Nations, New York;
1973-79: Legal Officer, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (National Oil & Gas Corporation), Rome, Italy
Advisory assignments on national and international water resources law and administration to several member countries of the United Nations (1979-83) and of FAO (1983 to-date). Author of FAO publication Preparing national water resources regulations – Principles and practice (Rome, 1994, 400 pages); co-author of FAO publication carrying the French version of same (Élaboration des réglementations nationales de gestion des ressources en eau – Principes et pratiques, Rome 1999, 300 pages); co-author of FAO publication carrying the text of selected treaties and other legal instruments regarding transboundary groundwaters (Rome 2005, 550 pages); author of several published articles on water law; regular contributor of a freshwater treaties year-in-review feature to the Yearbook of International Environmental Law, and of a year-in-review national water legislation feature in the Journal of Water Law.
LL.M. – Harvard Law School, USA, 1977
M.S. – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, 1978
Law Degree – University of Rome, Italy, 1972

Deputy Chairman & Editor
Marcella Nanni
  Summary of Professional Experience
Dr. Marcella Nanni is an international expert in water law and administration and related disciplines. To date, she has provided expert advice in this field to a number of governments and international river basin institutions within the framework of projects financed by international organizations such as the FAO and the European Union, and by bilateral donors. This advice has covered the development of draft water legislation and international agreements, the restructuring of water resources management institutions, water law implementation requirements and the formulation and conduct of capacity-building programmes, amongst other things.

In 2007 she produced the second edition, revised and updated, of major textbook ‘Principles of Water Law and Administration, National and International,’ by Dante A. Caponera (1921-2003), which was first published in 1992 by Balkema, Rotterdam. She is the author, or co-author, of a number of articles in law and other journals.

Gabriel Eckstein
  Present position.
Gabriel Eckstein is a Professor of Law specializing in water, environmental, natural resources and international law at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in Fort Worth, TX, USA. In addition, he is CEO of International H2O Solutions, an international consultancy focusing on legal, policy and management issues related to global and transboundary fresh water resource, and is Director of the International Water Law Project.
  Previous appointments

Previously, Professor Eckstein served as: Professor of Water Law and Director of the Texas Tech Center for Water Law and Policy at Texas Tech University School of Law in Lubbock, TX, USA (2003 to 2010); Senior Counsel for CropLife America, an agrochemicals industry trade association, in Washington, DC (2000-2003); and a litigator in private practice working on environmental, toxic tort and asbestos cases (1998-2000).


Professor Eckstein is a recognized expert in international and U.S. water and environmental law and policy. He has served as an expert advisor and consultant to various organizations and programs, including the Geneva Initiative, U.N. Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s International Hydrological Programme (UNESCO-IHP), U.N. International Law Commission (UNILC), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (FAO), US Agency for International Development (USAID), World Commission on DamsOrganization of American States (OAS), UNESCO/OAS ISARM Americas Programme, and various local water entities in the United States. He has published dozens of articles and book chapters on water and environmental issues, and serves on the Executive Board of the International Water Resources Association (2010-present) and the Advisory Board of the US-based Water Policy Institute (2009-present).

Professor Eckstein holds: both a J.D. (1995) and LL.M. in Environmental Law (1997) from American University Washington College of Law, a M.S. in International Affairs (1992) from Florida State University, and a dual Bachelor Degree in Geology and International Relations (1989) from Kent State University.

Lilian del Castillo – Laborde
  CV abstract - 2009
Mrs. Lilian del Castillo-Laborde is a lawyer and PhD from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she chairs courses on ‘International Jurisdictions’, ‘Jurisdictional Immunities’, ‘Environment and Human Rights’, among others. She is also counselor at the Argentine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in shared natural resources matters. She recently published the books Water Fora, From Mar del Plata to Istambul (in Spanish) and The Río de la Plata and its Maritime Front Legal Regim. Among her latest articles, she published ‘Environmental awareness for Arctic and Antarctic regions,’ ‘La Plata Basin’ and ‘Case-law on International Watercourses’. She is a member of the International Law Association, the American Society of International Law, the International Water Resources Association, the Argentine Council for Foreign Relations, and other academic institutions.

Léna Salamé
  CV May - 2009
Léna Salamé was born in Beirut in 1974. She graduated as a jurist in compared French and Lebanese law at the Université Saint Joseph in 1992. She obtained her Diplôme d’études approfondies (DEA) in International public law and international organizations, from the Panthéon Sorbonne – Université de Paris 1, in Paris in 1999. She is a trained mediator.

She joined UNESCO’s Division of Water Sciences in October 1999. She has first collaborated in the finalization of the Water Education and Training Vision, and the Aral Sea Basin Vision, in the framework of the World Water Vision. She has then worked for the Division as a legal researcher in international law for the PCCP project (from Potential Conflict to Co-operation Potential), which is the water conflict resolution component of the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme. Since June 2002 she has been serving as the overall coordinator of PCCP www.unesco.org/water/wwap/pccp

Ms. Salamé lectures on issues related to shared water resources, international conflicts and cooperation, as well as alternative dispute resolution techniques, at international and national events. She also lectures within the framework of educational programmes. She is involved in the development of research and educational tools, aiming at increasing trust among stakeholders concerned with the management of shared water resources at various levels and, contributing to peace, cooperation and development related to these resources.

Photo of Ariella D'Andrea
Ariella D’Andrea

Ariella D’Andrea is a natural resources lawyer specializing in fisheries, aquaculture and water resources law. A member of the Italian Bar, Ms D’Andrea holds a Law degree and a Master’s degree in communication science from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She is fluent in four languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish) and has participated in several international conferences and meetings on freshwater issues. In addition, she has worked on a number of legal assistance projects and publications for a variety of international organizations. 

Ms D’Andrea has been working as legal expert on development projects since 2002, mainly with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) but also with other organizations such as the European Union and the World Bank. In particular, she has served as Legal Officer in charge of an FAO regional project on water legislation in Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) from 2009 to 2011. She has carried out legal assistance missions to over 45 countries worldwide.

Over the years, Ms D’Andrea’s expertise has focused on the review and drafting of natural resources legislation, institutional arrangements, legal publications and country studies, including water users’ associations and irrigation management transfer, customary water resources management and groundwater. Ms D’Andrea has co-authored the English and Spanish editions of a FAO manual on the preparation of water resources regulations published, respectively, in 2003 and 2012 (FAO Legislative Studies No. 80 and No. 106) and co-edited the 2012 Special Issue of Water International – the Official journal of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) – on water law and governance (Volume 37, Issue 6, Taylor&Francis).


Honorary chairman

Dominique Alhéritière
  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) positions
1999-2008 Chairperson of the Advisory Committee on External Training
1992-2008 Director, Administrative Services Division
1991-1992 FAO Representative, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea
1988-1991 Deputy Director, Office of the Director General
1986-1988 Principal Attaché de Cabinet, ODG
1985-1986 Senior Legal Officer
Legal Officer (environment law)
  Previous appointments
2005-6 Chairperson of the United Nations Inter-Agency Procurement Working Group (IAPWG)
2003-4 Chairperson of the United Nations Security and Safety Services Network (UNSSSN)
2001-2 Chairperson of the United Nations Inter-Agency Network of Facilities Managers (INFM)
1974-78 Economic Affairs Officer (water law), United Nations, New York
1971-74 various assignments for the Government of Canada, the Government of the Province of Québec, and Laval University.
  Other activities
Various assignments in, and missions to well above 100 countries; drafter of several international conventions on marine protection. More than 30 publications in natural resources law and management.
Guest lecturer/professor in a score of universities across the world. Member of ICEL and of L'Académie de l'Eau
LL.D. - Laval University, Quebec City, Canada, 1974; LL.M. - Montreal University, Montreal, Canada, 1971.
Master’s Degree in Law, Aix-en-Provence, France, 1969.
DEUG, Law & Economics, Aix-en-Provence, France, 1967.


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