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The International Association for Water Law will hold elections for three Executive Council positions: Deputy Chair, Treasurer, and Projects Chair. The elections will take place between 15th April and 15th May 2023. All AIDA Members in good standing as of 15th April will be eligible to cast a vote. If you are not yet a member, or need to renew your membership, please do so here.

Details about the election process and schedule are available here.

Candidates for AIDA Deputy Chair

Goetz Reichert

Dr. Goetz Reichert, LL.M. (GWU)

  • University of Tübingen: State Examination in Law (1991-1997);
  • German University of Administrative Sciences (1998);
  • George Washington University: LL.M. in International Environmental Law, thesis on international water law (2000);
  • Hague Academy of International Law: Centre for Studies and Research – Water Resources and International Law (2001);
  • World Bank: Legal Consultant working on international water law (1999, 2000);
  • Center for International Environmental Law: Visiting Law Fellow working on international water law (2000);
  • University of Tübingen: PhD thesis on international and EU water law (2003);
  • Attorney-at-law admitted to the bar in Germany (2003);
  • IWRA World Water Congresses in Cancun (2017) and Daegu (2021): member of the International Scientific Committee;
  • Author of articles and book chapters on water law, e.g.
    • Transboundary Water Cooperation in Europe, Brill Research Perspectives in International Water Law (2016),
    • Schutz der Binnengewässer [Protection of Freshwater], in: Alexander Proelss (ed.), Internationales Umweltrecht [International Environmental Law], pp. 679-780 (2022).
François Touchais

François Touchais

Affiliation: IWA, AIDA, IWRA
François Touchais is a French environmental lawyer born in 1977. He holds 20 years of experience. He was full-time employed by the International Office for Water during 10 years and did consultancies for Umweltbundesamt, UNECE, UNICEF, UNDP, AFD, GIZ. He is currently employed by Hydroconseil as Senior legal expert. He specialized in IWRM, floods and drought risk management, drinking water supply and sanitation.  


  • BA Degree in Political Science & Law from University Rennes and Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Master’s degree in Environmental Law from University Montpellier.
  • Advanced Master in Environmental Management and Engineering de l’Environnement at Mines Paris.
  • UNITAR / Geneva University workshop on international water law
  • GWP / Dundee University workshop on international law and transboundary freshwaters.

He is a bilingual English speaker and a fluent Spanish speaker and worked in various regions such as West Africa, North Africa, Middle-East, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, South East Asia and Oceania.

Candidate for AIDA Treasurer


Dr. Elena Quadri

Water Law ConsultantDr. Elena Quadri is a national of Italy. She holds a Law Degree from Perugia University, and a PhD in Cooperation for Peace and Development, II level Master in Environmental Law, from the National Research Council, in Rome.  

She has been a Research Associate for a long period at the Water Resources Research and Documentation Center (WARREDOC), University for Foreigners of Perugia (Italy), where she carried out teaching and research activities, with a focus on the management and protection of transboundary surface and groundwater resources, including relevant publications both in Italy and abroad, and participation as a speaker at various international congresses. She is currently involved in research projects.

Dr. Quadri has been a Regular Member of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) and of the International Association for Water Law (AIDA) for several years.

She is keen to make herself useful to the latter, as Treasurer.

Candidate for AIDA Projects Chair

Paul Kibel

Paul Kibel

I value AIDA as an institution and would like to contribute more in the coming years to its vitality and visibility. I have participated (as a presenter) at two World Water Congress gatherings (in Recife, Brasil and Edinburgh, Scotland) in which AIDA organized the law track panels. I also contributed a chapter to The Greening of Water Law Handbook that AIDA produced for the United Nations Environment Programme.  

Over the past decade, much of my scholarship (articles and books) has focused on International Water Law subjects (including my 2021 book Riverflow: The Right to Keep Water Instream published by Cambridge University Press) and I have consulted with water/fisheries law projects with colleagues in Japan and Chile. I also have experience organizing workshops, symposiums and panels and editing publications which appear to be major components of the Projects Chair position. International Water Law issues that are of particular interest to me include: the status of instream flow and instream uses of water, the sharing and regulation of transboundary groundwater, and further elaboration of what constitutes “vital human needs” in regard to water. As AIDA Projects Chair, I would welcome opportunities to expand and improve the application of International Water Law to these concerns and questions.

  • LL.M (Berkeley Law School, University of California);
  • B.A. (Colgate University, New York);
  • Professor of Law (Golden Gate University School of Law, San Francisco, California)
  • Water and Natural Resource Counsel, Water and Power Law Group (Berkeley, California).